When Are Roofing Repairs Sufficient ?

The most common reason for requesting the services A1 Roofing and Remodeling is a leak. Leaky roofs can be the result of extreme weather, roofing material failure, tiny punctures made by dropped knives and screwdrivers during installation, blocked gutters, HVAC problems, as well as a roofing system not installed according to manufacturer recommendations.

The actual leak and the source of the leak can be in two completely different locations. Water that leaks into a small hole can travel quite far before ending up on your ceiling and in your house. That is why it is important to call on a professional roofing installer and repair person for any leaks in your home.

A1 Roofing and Remodeling will use our expertise to perform a thorough inspection of your roofing system. We will begin by checking roof drains and inspect material seams in the area of the leak. There are many problematic defects that would most likely be overlooked by a homeowner but can be caught by the trained eye of a professional roofing installer.

Some homeowners may be surprised to find out their leak had nothing to do with their roofing system or installation. Many times electrical contractors or HVAC mechanics will need to access the roof to complete a job. Dropped tools can often penetrate roofs and cause leaks.

Hail can also be a culprit of a leaky roof. To most homeowners, a five minute hail storm can seem unassuming until the next rain brings along leaks. Hail falls at an alarming rate, fast enough to dent aluminum siding and cause damage to cars. It is often suggested that after a hail storm, homeowners should have their roof inspected to prevent further damage to their home from upcoming rain storms. It is not unheard of to have a roof declared “totaled” by an insurance company as the result of a small to moderate hail storm.

A1 Roofing and Remodeling is here to help with all of your roofing installation and roofing repair needs. Keeping your home properly maintained is essential for you and your family.